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The Windsor Parade Corporation is thrilled to have the opportunities to bring amazing events and parades to communities across Windsor and Essex County.  As a registered not for profit we rely on grants and sponsorship to make these events possible.  Chartered in 1999 the Parade Corporation is comprised solely of volunteers who give of their time freely to ensure that community events such as The Canada Day Parade and Amherstburg, Windsor and Essex Santa Claus Parades take place. 

Here are some FAQ's

Entertainment in parades is not free of charge.  All bands and entertainers are and deserve to be compensated for their work.  Transportation costs, tolls and hotels are included in this.  Local bands are also compensated and again rightfully so.  It costs a great deal to maintain our local bands and their instruments we at the Windsor Parade Corporation we believe in showing our support. 

Giant Inflatables, Horses and costume characters  and other parade highlights are all compensated for their appearances

Windsor Parade Corporation Floats are all warehoused during the year and require maintenance and updates annually

Insurance for parades is required in every municipality and each year the cost to maintain insurance at a $5,000,000 per episode level increases in cost.

We could go on with the other costs which include media, policing etc. however we wanted to ensure that the public was aware of what some of the costs are.

We value the time and effort that it takes from our local communities to come out to the parades and we want them to be the best possible entertainment opportunity.

We invite sponsors to be part of our parades to help ensure that every location gets the best parade with the best entertainment possible.  

We hope that you will consider joining us as a sponsor to ensure that we can all provide our communities with the best possible parade. 


Sponsor Benefits include: 

Thousands of SpectatorsExtensive Media CoverageTeam Building ExperienceLive TV coverage of Essex ParadeExclusive media sponsorshipVIP seatingBanners with entry

Review our sponsorship package 2023 Santa Claus Parade Sponsorship




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